The Lord God has a remarkable plan for his created world, and he has revealed it in the Bible. That plan includes gracious rewards for those who honour him by faith and obedience. If we are to obey, then we must know Him, and what he requires of us. The first thing therefore must be to know the Bible, God's message to mankind, and when we know what is recorded therein, we will be in a position to obey the Lord, and then to benefit from his grace!

This series of studies, in two parts, presents the teaching of the Bible.  First we discuss what is written in the Bible, and then the significance of what we read there. We hope to be able to assist those who wish to learn about the Gospel, but do not already have a good knowledge of what is written in the Bible, to discover God's purpose and plan.

It is important to start in Part I of the studies and progress through in order. The studies and lessons build one upon another. Like any field of knowledge, foundations must be laid, then later concepts, thoughts and ideas are far more easily understood. We encourage you to follow the navigation at the left of the screen, and work through the lessons of Part I and then Part II in the order presented.

Any serious study of the Bible must be accompanied by a regular reading of it! As you progress through the lessons the reason for this should become clear. Many Christadelphians use a system which takes them through the entire Bible in a year, here is a link to the Bible Reading Tables often used to help manage this.

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