Bible Companion

Schedule for Daily Bible Reading

For the profitable daily reading of the Holy Bible.

The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple. (Psa 119,130)


Salvation depends upon the assimilation of the mind to the Divine ideas, principles, and affections exhibited in the Bible. This process commences with a belief of the Gospel, but it is by no means completed thereby; it takes a life-time for its scope and untiring diligence for its accomplishment. The mind is naturally alien from God and all His ideas and cannot be brought at once to be more like God's. There are two verses quoted which read:

This is a work of slow development, and can only be achieved by the industrious application of the individual to the truth found in the Bible. Spiritual-mindedness can only grow within a man by daily interaction with the mind of God as expressed in the Bible record. Away from this, the mind will revert to its original emptiness. The infallible advice, to every man and woman anxious about their salvation is to read the scriptures daily. Success is in direct proportion to the effort. The man who sows sparingly in this respect will only reap sparingly. Much spiritual benefit is only to be realised in connection with the fruitful influences of the Spirit in the Word.

To enable Bible readers conveniently to carry out the suggestion of the foregoing remarks, the following tables are placed in their hands, under the guidance of which, their daily readings will be methodical and edifying. An indiscriminate and haphazard reading of the Bible is unprofitable, and soon ceases to be interesting. A straightforward reading from Genesis is also objectionable. A little read every day from various parts of the Word has been found experimentally to be practicable, attractive, and profitable. The following tables are arranged on this plan, giving the reader three portions in a day, which it will take only quarter of an hour or twenty minutes to read, and enable him or her in the course of a year to get through the whole Bible - traversing the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once, in the course of twelve months. By a trial adherence to this plan from year to year, the reader will reap much profit, and find himself or herself gradually losing the insipidity of the natural mind, and taking on the warmth and exalted tone of the Spirit's teaching, which qualifies for the inheritance of the Saints in the light. - Robert Roberts (c. 1853)