Please answer the following revision questions which relate to the previous seven lessons. Their object is to enable you to reconsider the subjects covered already and to help us assess whether you have been able to understand the lessons and our replies so far. Some of the questions only require short answers but others will require longer and more detailed replies.

Your answers should be returned with Lesson 8 replies.

  1. What do you believe about the Bible?
  2. Is the Bible completely true?
  3. Is the whole Bible inspired by God? (Support your answer by Bible quotations).
  4. What do you understand by "inspiration"?
  5. Did the writers of the Bible put in their own ideas?
  6. What does the Bible tell us about God?
  7. Give two quotations to prove that there is one God.
  8. Is the Trinity a Bible doctrine?
  9. Where does God dwell?
  10. Did God create all things?
  11. How was man created?
  12. When the Bible says man was a "living soul", what does it mean?
  13. Is the whole human race descended from Adam and Eve?
  14. What was the one command given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?
  15. How were Adam and Eve punished when they broke God's law?
  16. How does the punishment upon Adam and Eve affect us today?
  17. What happens to human beings when they die?
  18. What was meant when God caused Adam and Eve to be covered with skins? (Genesis 3 v 21).
  19. What hope did God offer the human race in the Garden of Eden? (Genesis 3 v 15).
  20. What is the Spirit of God?
  21. What is the Holy Spirit?
  22. Does anyone possess the Holy Spirit today?
  23. Who are the angels?
  24. How was Jesus born?
  25. Who was the father of Jesus?
  26. Did Jesus have ordinary human nature?
  27. What is the future work of Jesus?
  28. What do you understand by "Satan"?
  29. What do you understand by "Devil"?
  30. What do you understand by "daaimons" or "evil spirits"?
  31. What do you understand by "hell"?