Please answer the following revision questions which relate to lessons 8 to 15. Their object is to enable you to reconsider the subjects covered already and to help us assess whether you have been able to understand the lessons and our replies so far. Some of the questions only require short answers but others will require longer and more detailed replies. Wherever possible support your answers by Bible references.

Your answers should be returned with LESSON 16 replies.


  1. Summarise in your own words the record of Cain and Abel and the principles to be learnt from it.
  2. Why did God bring the Flood upon the earth?
  3. What lessons can be learnt from the record of the Flood?
  4. Quote a Bible passage to prove that the Gospel was preached before the time of Jesus Christ.
  5. Summarise in your own words the promises given to Abraham.
  6. When will the promises to Abraham be fulfilled?
  7. As Abraham is dead, how will he benefit from the promises made to him?
  8. Who is Abraham's "seed"?
  9. How can you become part of Abraham's seed?
  10. To whom were the promises to Abraham repeated?
  11. How many sons did Jacob have?
  12. Describe in your own words Joseph's dreams and what they meant.
  13. Describe in your own words Pharaoh's dreams and what they meant.
  14. How was Joseph re-united with his family?
  15. What happened to the people of Israel after the death of Joseph?
  16. State what you know about the birth of Moses and how he was saved.
  17. Why did Moses have to flee from Egypt?
  18. How many plagues were sent upon the Egyptians? Name four of them.
  19. Explain fully what the Israelites had to do to escape the last plague.
  20. What was the significance of the Passover?
  21. Describe in your own words how Israel were led out of Egypt and what happened at the Red Sea.
  22. At what mountain was the Law given to the Israelites?
  23. Why was the Law of Moses called the "OLD Covenant"?
  24. What purpose did the Tabernacle serve?
  25. How were the people provided with food and drink?
    Quote New Testament references.
  26. When the Promised Land was first reached what reports were given by the spies?
  27. How long did the people wander in the wilderness?
  28. Why was Moses not allowed to lead the people into the Promised Land and who succeeded him?
  29. How was Israel ruled at first?
  30. Why did Israel ask for a King and what was wrong with this request?
  31. Who was the first King and why was he rejected?
  32. Summarise in your own words the promise given to David and explain how it will be fulfilled.
  33. In what way was Solomon unfaithful and what was the result?
  34. How were the two Kingdoms punished for their disobedience?
  35. How were some of the Jews restored to their land? Did they become a Kingdom again?
  36. When will the Kingdom of Israel be re-established?
  37. Summarise the prophecy given in Daniel chapter 2.
  38. Did Jesus have any existence before his birth?
  39. When Jesus died on the cross, did he die instead of the human race?
  40. What happened to Jesus after his death?
  41. What work is Jesus at present doing for his followers?
  42. Will Jesus come back to the earth?
  43. What are some of the signs which indicate that the return of Christ is near?
  44. Describe in your own words what you know about the Millennial reign of Jesus.
  45. When will sin and death finally be destroyed?